For passengers arriving in Ukraine from the red zones, taking the test at the airport will save time on a trip to the laboratory in the city and quickly remove Diy Vdomа from self-isolation.

Yes, you can. On the third floor of Terminal D, opposite the 48th check-in counter, you can take the test and get the result in English

Register on the website, pay online for your order and the whole procedure at the airport will take no more than 3 minutes

Only the Ukrainian phone number and only the one on which the Diy vdomа application is installed. In other cases, the self-isolation mode in the application will not pause.

Contact information Center for Public Health (CPH) of Ukraine: Tel: +380 44 425 43 54, email: Support service for the "Diy vdoma" application:

A negative result of a PCR test for coronavirus in the form of a stamped document can be obtained at the test point. The results will be immediately issued in Ukrainian and English. This service is free.

To carry out a PCR test for coronavirus, the CSD Medical Laboratory uses reagents and special equipment from the Italian company Diatech Pharmacogenetics.